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Originally from St. Louis, this Cubs fan went to film school at Columbia College Chicago. After two years of hard work and rapid learning on commercial sets, I wanted to have a stronger creative voice on large projects, and found art direction as a new home. Now, I'm looking for opportunities to grow my skills.


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A1 Sauce

More than half of would-be vegetarians go back to eating meat within a year.

A1 Sauce doesn't taste like meat, (in fact, it's vegan) it tastes like the memory of meat.

A1 can help you stick with your dietary change.

When vegetarians are faced with temptations of the flesh they can call 1-800-STAY-VEG to talk to a virtual veggie ally who can talk them off the ledge.

We'll place supportive messaging at temptation points like the meat area at grocery stores and outside fragrant carnivorous restaurants.

For the new vegetarians, we'll create a care package to support their dietary change.

For the new vegetarians, we'll exchange their now-inedible meats for a fresh bottle of A1 Sauce, so they can keep the flavor going.


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Feeling unsafe is the fastest way to ruin your night. Period.​

It’s time venues were more active in the protection of their attendees. Now, StubHub’s stepping in and playing a larger role in event safety. So no matter what show you’re seeing, you can feel Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound is an initiative by Stubhub to prioritize venues based on their safety practices, and celebrate the ones that do. This means there’s no tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind. There are lids on all drinks and wristbands to test for spikes. Every venue has a codeword policy if someone is making you uncomfortable and has signage encouraging you to notify them if this happens.

Special recognition on Stubhub's site.

We'll create an Instagram filter for concert goers to celebrate the initiative, even if they didn't get their tickets on Stubhub.


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Jimmy Johns

Gerrymandering is the illegal redrawing of district lines to exclude certain voters. For one week before elections, Jimmy John’s will redraw their delivery zones — just like politicians do. Introducing: Jimmymandering.

Jimmy John’s wants your voice heard. Sandwich packaging will contain a postage-paid letter to your representative advocating for independent redistricting commissions — or, drawing lines fairly.

Happy voting day! Present a voter sticker to get a free sandwich.


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Two legs, three legs, eight legs, no legs, hooves, paws or fins; true animal lovers don’t care.

Chewy.com cares for every single pet and believes not only dogs should have their day.


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Payday Candy has been steadily declining in market share for the last 20 years. Often, it's considered a niche candy, relegated to the back of the store.

We wanted to push Payday back into the spotlight, by taking a stand for women's equal pay.

We'll kick off the campaign with a full-page letter in the New York Times, apologizing for whatever part we may have played and advocating for other companies to take a stand.

We'll create a 22% smaller candy bar, for men, and hand out "Equal Paydays" at the Women's March, along with a flyer.


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Choosing a regional flight puts you far from the city center with a wait at baggage claim and a cab into the city added on to your travel time.


Megabus drops you off in the heart of the city to keep short trips short.

The landing page of the bus' complementary WiFi will allow passengers to book blocked reservations for activities and restaurants near Megabus drop-offs.

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